Sunday, June 11, 2006

art rage

Done with ART RAGE very cool soft for drawing.


Clay Kaytis said...

Wow. Had you not said so, I would have thought that was graphite. Very nice!

Marco said...

hey Clay,
Thank for visiting, and let me grab that oportunity to also thank you
for the link on animation podcast.
I recently took the listener survey :)
keep it up it's very cool.

Smook said...

Fantastic, it DOES look like graphite. I think I'll have to try it one day.

sedyas said...

Great, Marco! With ArtRage? Not pencil graphite? Beautiful.


Nick Sung said...

beautiful drawing-
very dynamic!

herval said...

Oua,super chouette!

Marco said...

Tx guys I'll post another.

et oui herval suite a notre conversation j'ai réouvert :)

willborough said...

very cool drawing!